Online Talks

In this section I will share publicly available online talks and presentations I have created or given.

British Archaeological Association 2020 – Lordly buildings amongst peasants: Displays of authority within manorial centres

This paper discusses how the buildings of the manorial farmstead, the curia, were designed and positioned to act as a display of the lord’s wealth and their authority over the tenants of the village. As well as the agricultural buildings, it will think about the relationship between the village, the church and the curia to indicate the relationships between the lord and the villagers. This work focuses on southern England and combines documentary research with landscape analysis (through maps) and archaeological excavation. Chaired by Dr Harriet Mahood as part of the BAA sponsored panels for the IMC 2020.

Ulster Archaeological Society 2020Animal Housing in Medieval Villages

During the lockdown of 2020 I was asked to provide the first digital lecture for the Ulster Archaeological Society. My lecture drew on my PhD research and discussed some of the Anglo-Irish manorial sites that we have information about. You can watch the video from the UAS’s YouTube channel below, but go and subscribe to the channel for more intersting lectures.